Johnny D's Bash and Store

I had the greatest time Sat night at my party. After living in my house for 5 years I had yet to throw a bash and now that Gorette and I are married we decide its time to entertain. So my actual B-day is Jan 13 and I just turning 32 and next weekend we are all off to Tugg Hill so we did this on short notice.

But as usual the group got together in MASSkiting style! It was also big for me as I have converted my upstairs in to a store to house gear. I think allot of people were unaware that I have just about everything you need for Wainman Hawaii, Ozone, Mystic, Ocean Rodeo, RRD, Hyperflex, Flysurfer, and Aboards. That includes most models and all sizes in stock. It was good to finally see people realize what is available and that I am there most eves for convenience in Westboro.

I am also really happy to see the turnout and at one point my parents looked around and realized that everyone was engaged in some form of kiteboarding discussion. We are all very experienced and well traveled! But in regard to my birthday to have you guys come was really why all this community stuff came about and happy to see the family together off the water, off the beach, and without wind we have allot to talk about and stories to share.

Thank you all for such a memorable night and many of you who stayed even well past midnight to make it a true bender!

-Johnny D