Lake Sunapee Snowkite

Great, crazy, day snowkiting Lake Sunapee yesterday.  I arrived with my 9m (rookie mistake, left the 7m at home), to find Jean putting away his 8m for the 5.5m.  A bunch of "wingers" were out, and only 2 other kiters who decided not to brave the crazy winds.  Blowing snow across the entire lake and mini snow tornados was a common sight.  Gusts were well over 40mph at times, over 50mph if the Sunapee wind meter is accurate (and usually it is lower than actual on the lake).  I opted not to launch the 9, and used Jean's 5m when he needed breaks.  Still logged 17 miles for the day with a top speed of 35 mph.  At times it was scary even on the 5m.  The surface was tricky, 6-8" of heavy windblown snow with 3+" of slush underneath.  Very easy to catch an edge, which is not fun in 30+ mph winds.  But the surface conditions improved throughout the day as more windblow powder accumulated on top and the temperature dropped from 32 to 15 degrees.  All in all, a pretty epic day!

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