Martha's Vineyard Madness

So the weekend actually started on Thursday when I drove up to meet up with Jermy in Boston. He had scored some VIP tickets to go see Cypress Hill and Slightly Stoopid. The night was amazing. The concert rocked out and both Cypress Hill and Slightly Stoopid sounded fantastic.
Friday morning we met up with Kristof,Christian,Jasmin and Pete C. in Hingham to pack the white elephant. Six people, eight boards,groceries and enough clothes to keep from smelling up the place and we were off. Although the beers were already flowing once we hit the ferry we met up with Iliya,HowUDoin? and Phil and it was game on. From there we took the Chappy Ferry and by 12:30 or so we were pulling into Eric's little slice of heaven. The house was set off a dirt road on 4 acres of as not to wake the neighbors. As we unpacked it didn't take long for the "ICING" to begin and Jasmin iced me in the living room. While the rest of the MASSkiting crew arrived at the house around 6:30 a breeze began to pick up. Eric took a couple of guys on a three minute drive to the beach and that's where the fun began. By 7pm at least 20 kites in the air on the flat bay of water. A small rain shower picked up but that last of the kiters finished their session in total darkness with only the headlights of our trucks. We finished off the night with some seriously good burgers, music and of course more beer.
Saturday was kinda of light,but people with the larger kites scored a session or two. After waiting half the day for some decent wind I pumped my 15m and hit the water. A strange fog had been coming over the beach for part of the day and it began again as I made my way through the bay. When the fog hit the bay the wind died and as fate would have it I was on the other side when my kite dropped out of the sky. No biggie, I wrapped my lines, deflated my kite and walked all around the bay back to the gang. The best part of saturday was when one of the residents for the opposite side of the bay came over and relieved our Friday night session. She was so enthused about was great. Jean got some good footage from it and I hope it makes it to the final cut. After a downpour and dinner Eric kicked our asses into gear and we hit the bar in Edgartown. Another epic turnout and we had the bar turned upside-down...and just about every patron of the bar had either "ICED" someone or was on the receiving end. Johnny D was the life of the party...I just wish I could remember more. I hit the last ferry back just before midnight but I hear the party continued well into the wee hours of the morning.
Sunday couldn't have been better. A few of the guys had woken up early and were on the water by 7:30ish...the bulk of the gang got there a couple hours later and the wind was bangin'. Everybody was out and it was so cool to see the beachgoers flock towards our direction. Within a half and hour people tons of people were taking pictures, asking questions and enjoying the show that everyone put on. That went on right up until 4pm or so. We packed up and said goodbye to that magical place..After packing, cleaning and saying goodbye we headed back to the ferry. To everyone who attended...the list is too long to mention....Thank you for a great weekend and I look forward to more of these opportunities to kite with such awesom people.