MVY Weekend

It was a gorgeous weekend out here. Although it seemed that all of the east coast was descending upon our tiny Island for one last weekend. Luckily on Saturday roughly seven of us were able to find 25 miles of shore line totally to ourselves. Seas were rough with a couple of big sets thrown in. I was dropped off by my wife and son at Lucy Vincent Beach up in Chilmark and rigged up my 8m. The forecast was for SSW 20-30 so I figured that would be the call especially since I was heading downwind.
Well in retrospect my 11m would have been a little bit better call as the the breeze was more south so when I would carve up on a wave to head down it I was also heading downwind. Uh Oh..... Lines are going slack.....UH OH waves is swallowling me.....UH OH I am getting pummeled. Ok time to modify my approach, Add speed, add turning speed to kite. Ok this works, now enjoy.
I kited down to the Tisbury Great Pond spotting Rob, Zadeh, Mike Hall, Nevin and Seth along the way. K-Addict was using his time wisely and staying in Edgartown.
Stopping at the Great Pond for some flat water, lunch and time with a handful of family and friends I enjoyed a great afternoon on the beach. Mike Hall and Rob continued on passed me and ended up kiting all the way to Edgartown.
Sunday was a little more low key. NE breeze took its time filling in down here and around 12 noon and bunch of us made it to Sengi. When I arrived moste everyone was riding 12 and 14's. I opted for my 11m and my 6'2" strappless. K-Addict was just getting there and it was nice to meet him in person finally. He was riding his directional with straps and tearing up toe side turns and back rolls. Zadeh was unhooking throwing big raleys and really coming close to putting a handlepass in the mix. Deena(?) was representing the women with some increasingly stylish turns and Mike Hall....Well let's just say there was some big boosting followed by a bunch of spinning, flailing, handlepassing and oh shit did he really just land that?
After a while the breeze picked up and I opted for the twin tip and some big boosts. Absolutely beautiful especially when I can come cruising up see all the crabs my kid just caught, get a kiss from my wife and turn around ride off throw a double back roll with grab and smile. Yeah life is good.
My wife very nicely took some great pics to stroke my....ego(what did you think I
was going to say?) I am editing them now and will put them up after the little guy crashes out dreaming of crabs and before I crash out dreaming of sick kite adventures.
All the best.