You know the old windsurfing rule "you never leave wind to find wind"?

Well we left wind up on the north shore an headed for the Cape. With a solid NE 23 at Revere we headed for the flats of Chapin, where jasmine was taking a refresher lesson in the water.

Upon arrival, the wind was easily below 10 and shifting from NE to ENE, making it slightly side-off. With the tide dropping, and Jasmine safely in the hands of a professional, the three of us went looking for a (slightly) less sketchy launch.

We stopped at a little hole-in-the-wall beach to the east of Mayflower, and with the wind building and only slightly side-off we headed out. About 45 minutes later we were packing up. The wind was bracingly gusty and deceivingly off-shore, so after a few runs, we decided to err on the side of good judgement.

Chris headed off to pickup Jasmine, and Julian and I had an idea. We've been wanting to kite the pond at WD, and this seemed as good of a time as any. With the meter reading lulls of 12 and gusts of 28, we knew it was going to be gusty, and the ENE meant it'd be offshore on the beach side of WD.

We pumped my 12m OR and Julian took the first session. Despite the craziness of kiting in the little bit of pond with the gusty wind coming right over the houses, we managed to have a blast. Chris soon joined us, and was lit on the 9m Wainman. The next few hours were a blur of ball-jarring gusts and some serious lit-up boosts. Survival kiting at it's best, mixed with some 'do I have the guts for this' jumps.

Ate at Sam Diego's in Plymouth on the way back home to soothe the wounds with a 27oz Margarita!