Ozone, MASSkiting, Funseekers, and Oyster Farm 09'

Ok so the party was pretty sick! The beer was so good and yes of course we kicked the keg! Actually Mark from the Sand dollar even handed out a few bud lights :-) So Eric from Funseekers and Jermy took care of most of the weekend events and this one went off. For a day without wind I'd say 30 people came out. We had "Ryde Beer" on tap dropped of by Wachusett Brewery, Triple 8 Vodka, and Oyster Farm highlighting the good cheer. The band did a great job of getting everyone moving. My parents were all over the dance floor and right at the point of embarrassment, Kara, Moe, and Chris Maynard were right there to amp the fiasco. These guys were belting out 80's tunes and adding to the atmosphere.

We were sharing kite stories, talking about moves we really cant do, and planning kite trips that due to memory will never actually get planned. But we were having a blast it was a night for kiteboarding stoke adn a chance to meet a few new faces and party down with friends. So hopefully for those that got to be there you can say you saw "Clark" the Cloud9 Camper and two really cool kiters traveling the US spreading Ozone love!

It was a really good time and it was great to see the turn out. Patrick and Kara from Ozone became lost in New England kite stoke!