South Padre TX Kiteboarding Lightwinds

We started the day with lightwinds and I watched Amy and Gorette tear it up. Later in the afternoon we all got to ride a bit. But of all the trips I have been on this one the girls planned! Happy wife, happy life Chris Schowalter once told me. This was a trip ended when my wife out lasted me on that last cold day. Out there riding up wind in the elements and heavy winds while I watched from the car exhausted. This was that kind of trip. The one that builds a foundation on all those to come.. Time to travel the world with my wife chasing that ultimate session and steal some needed wind!

This trip the girls planned, and for me it was the first of its kind and the most special. To the future... upwind and good times! To do all that with friends! Thank you ladies!

"When its light wind I. I.. I... Sheet Out....
I love to kite and I know it.. I sheet out!"