Sunday Deluxe

After a long night out, I woke up feeling a tad under the weather. With wind in the forecast, I got in touch with Chris and Julian, and we debated about where to go. The model table showed the best wind at either PB of Dux, with slightly lower wind on the Cape. After a bit of recovery time, we hit the road about mid-day for Dux, preparing to arrive by 2pm when the wind was supposed to kick in.

The wind was on the light side when we arrived, so we relaxed a bit. A half-hour later it started to kick in, and we pumped kites. Chris was out 1st on his 14m, and was able to do ok. Snapped a few pics and then grabbed my gear in time for the wind to die on Julian and I. Chris walked back up wind and we spent another little bit chilling on the beach. Julian grabbed Chris' 14m and took a few runs in the marginal conditions.

By the time I grabbed the 14m, it was just about dead.