TD8 WD Columbus Day event

Okay so left the house around 7am towards the Cape with a very small chance of kiting since the forecast wasn't promising.

Made a couple stops along the way since I was driving alone and need to recharge my coffee mug, not a good example here by driving alone, I don't usually do this and you all know but I had to be home early evening so couldn't take the chance on been late since the wife was anxiously waiting for my arrival..

So the day was super fun got to meet some new people and did chat a lot about few topics including house hunting, which we are on the middle of.. so if you have advice please share :)

As you all can see here the turnout was excellent many people was able to make it to the event which wasn't just kiters but also the whole family and as I see more and more people are increasing the family size I think this will be a commom theme for now on.. Yeahhh we are not expecting any baby soon in case you wonder :)

So here are some photos some good and others not that great but a least will give you an idea of what you missed and hope that the next one you can make it!!