Two Day Delight in Connecticut

With the winds looking great for Weds. Jeff and I planned on hitting Harvey's Beach in Old Saybrook Connecticut in anticipation of staying all day. We met up with another Connecticut kiter and we got there just after 8am. The wind was light and the fog was heavy so we waited for about a half hour. As the fog lifted and the wind came on we pumped up our largest kites and hit the water. The wind was blowing WSW/SW around 20+ so I was powered nicely on my 15m. As the tide came in there was a large area to play in the waves and further down a flat area to carve out some toeside transitions and boost some big air. I originally started out on my 132 CF Shox but switched to my 138 CF All Around and felt real comfortable in the chop. It was an absolutely great time and within a couple of hours three more kiters showed up. We had plenty of play time and finally around 3pm I decided to take a break which ended up being the end of my riding...I was completely exhausted. Talk about a fantastic day and I look forward to many future south westerly winds this fall.

Day two started with me having to go to work for a couple of hours. I was chomping at the bit as the winds started to build and the leaves started blowing. I called it a day around 11am and went home to pack up to with the intention of heading back to Old Saybrook. By 1pm I was pulling into the parking lot with the temp reading 78 degrees and the water as flat as could be. Unfortunately the wind was really lame. I was following the posts on the Ct.Kitesurfing yahoo group and people were pumping up at that very moment. I made the call to abort Old Saybrook and head to Long Beach in Stratford Connecticut. It was another 40 minutes to get there and a total of 1hr 45minutes of driving. As I drove past Sikorsky Airport out in the distance I could see around 8 kites in the air. I had been to Long Beach but never kited it. Due to construction you either have to pump up on the beach and walk out back to THE GUT, which is a dreamy marsh with miles of flat water, or set up out back and self launch. I opted to self launch out back and away I went on to the water. Again a WSW/ SW wind blew and I was lit on my 15m. I traveled around the area to get myself familiar with the area. There were areas between the marsh to ride in between and that was some of the best flat water I've ever experiences. It felt like I was floating. As I got more comfortable with the area I decided today was the day to work on boosting big air. I choose an area that was close to where many other kiters were but far enough away to play around safely. I jumped a large marsh area at least a dozen times before I started working on popping up and doing in the air transitions. Unfortunately I knew only one person there and he had already left, but there were plenty of cheers from the other kiters while we took advantage of the lofty winds. I can honestly say i've found an area in Connecticut that I've fallen in love was heaven. I've attached a few pictures from my second session in Stratford. I hope you all enjoy!
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