This is why I like SUP vs SUK! Bahahaha! Baja Surf Trip.

In order to beat the crappy summer wind doldrums, my buddy and I did a SUP surf trip down to Baja. We flew into Cabo San Jose, stayed in Cabo San Lucas and surfed mostly in CSJ and some undisclosed 'secret' spots a few hours North.

There are a few pics attached to the sesh report. I know it is a Kiting site but I kite a shit load too so if you don't like it, you can SUK it!LOL For details of SUKing see Dani's now infamous post!LOL

Here is the link to all the pics on Picassaweb too:…

Surfed for 9 days, clean head high to double overhead days, most surf pics were taken at a resort by a pro on the smallest days.

2nd time to Baja. La Ventana in the winter is a must for any kiter! About 2.5 hours North of Cabo San Jose.

Enjoy. Pray for wind..and surf too!