Windy Wolly 9/20/2010

With a moderate north wind in the forecast, I made plans with Coop and Darrin to hit up Winthrop in the early afternoon. The wind desperately hung on to some west, so we adjusted our plans and took off for Wolly Beach around 3PM.

The tide was low and the wind was in the high teens with gusts well into the 20s. We hooked Darrin up with the GoPro HD and hit the water on 12-14m kites. After a brief lull, the wind kicked in and we rode for an hour in the bay. The wind switched a bit more west and we decided to call it.

Elvis and Adam joined us at the beach and the wind started building and clocking more north. We hit the water again for a few hours till the sun set. Lots of paparazzi photographers on the beach watching made for a fun session.

Darrin was nailing some smooth big airs and some back rolls, Elvis was staying upwind and nailing transitions, and Coop was throwing some nice boosts, kiteloops, and backroll kiteloops.

Video coming soon.