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  • Greetings PBay regulars, as am I. You may know me by my white thinning hair and my mighty jumps ... over the wake of a crossing boarder ... and only if I am on my game. I have a climate project that will be presented in collaboration with an orchestra this summer at the Hatch Shell on the Esplanade. I need a medium res photo of a kiter set against the Boston skyline. Could be riding, could be jumping, but vital to demonstrate that the kiter was somewhere in Boston Harbor. Your reward is fame and/or my next born. Best if you respond to Many thanks, David Arnold

  • Hey All my wife and i have been kiting for about 6 years and in RI for about 3 (sadly we still haven't kited here yet). Hoping to meet others this spring. -Kai

  • Excited to be here ^_^
    Hope to meet other kiters in NE and continue growing.

  • OBX April 27th-May 4th...anyone interested?

    heading down during those dates! Yay!! Anyone interested in getting a house? Best deals I've seen were for 4 and 5 bedrooms, which will come to less than $200/room.

    Let me know if interested!


  • Hey Masskiters!
    I will need instructors this season. If you have thought about teaching and wanna discuss shoot me an email. Pay is $50/hr.
    You will get discounts on gear and opportunity for travel if that interests you.

  • I want to trade a full blown hydrofoil set for a 15m or bigger LEI kite that's in good condition. I have a LF with 3 masts (60, 80, 91")and 2 wings (beginner wing and a Jim Stringfellow wing) as well as a Rocketfish board. This will take you through learning stages into progression for a few years. The board is still one of my favorites. Thanks.

  • New Years Day POV, cheers!!!!

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  • Happy holidays all! I wanted to give an Mk update, for anyone out there listening. This current site was only half-completed by the developers, and they have become non-respondent to our attempts to reach out and get it completed. I can't explain how frustrating these last two years having to deal with this lack of action. We have started building a new site, again on our own, which we hope to have completed in the next month or so. There will be some scaled back parts from what this current site was intended to be, but I do not think they are needed as times have changed. Keeping the beaches section and a list of local resources is our primary focus. While there will be a forum, it may or may not be used by the community because we have all moved our chatting to various GroupMe threads. I do think it's important to provide a starting place for new kiters to tap into our amazing community. Other aspects of the site are being worked out as we go, but I'm excited to be working on it directly again and with some great people. So thank you all for your support in the past and for your future support as well. I wish a huge Happy Holidays to all you Masskiters... my community and my family.