Masskiting celebrated 10 years in 2018!

Who we are – We are a community of riders that share similar interests in our enjoyment of outdoor adventure. Kiteboarding has opened doors to experiencing wind sports in new ways. Our goal is to bring riders together to share and build on these mutual interests and experiences.

What we do

  • We are welcoming to new riders
  • We support education & safety
  • We connect riders to share experiences
  • We provide local information, resources, and news
  • We support access to beaches
  • We organize events & social gatherings

Where – The New England area is our home. Members in this area travel to many of these close knit states scoring sessions and adventure. New England riders may have their local riding spots but many will travel to Boston, Cape Cod, Rhode Island to score some really epic locations and consistent wind conditions found there.

When – Masskiters enjoy summer thermal winds when after a warm sunny day we get bursts of rideable wind when frontal winds are not ideal. But some of the best conditions can be found in Spring and Fall when weather changes bring strong frontal winds. But with the right equipment riders are out all year long through winter on our waters. Snowkiting is also very popular here and with big seasonal changes we really get a great opportunity to experience it all.

Why we decided to do this – Early on kiting was not as accessible. The goal was to help foster the sport, communication, and make sure that people could get help and feel supported. Its clear that lessons were critical to the safety of new riders and keeping beach access meant the need to share common self policing rules. A social community could help with that and bringing people together could go along way in making the sport more fun by connecting riders. In other areas it was felt that riders were disconnected and we wanted New England to benefit from having a more friendly and supportive group of riders that would come to know and respect each other.

How we started – history

Masskiting.com was registered in 2008 and is now over a decade old! A group of active kiters recently learning the sport and meeting in 2007 were coordinating short trips around Massachusetts and realizing that a small family was forming. One evening on the Cape around a table after a session we decided to start a website and after much deliberation we chose Masskiting meaning starting in Massachusetts but also of the “masses” of kiteboarders depending on how our community would grow.