Kite Essentials and Accessories

 Sometimes it’s hard to track down some much needed parts for our kite adventures. We hope this somewhat random list of essentials and accessories will be helpful to our community. The links provided are affiliate links and the small commission earned will help finance the MK website. Thank you for visiting and supporting MK.

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Rechargeable Electric Kite and SUP Pump

This electric kite pump surprised me with a low price point. Not much more than the newer manual pumps from WMFG etc. It works overall very nicely with a few kinks to be mentioned. You can set the PSI and the pump will automatically shut off. They key is to have a right seal on the kite/hose connection otherwise the two stage pump will not even go to the high pressure second stage. That can be frustrating. Also, if the pump for some reason does not kick in the second stage, simply while the pump is running in the first stage, press and hold the power button down until the compressor (2nd stage) kicks in. I wish I found this feature earlier, would have saved me a lot of coursing. Otherwise great pump for short money. Works great for my SUP that requires 15PSI as well. You can charge it with a wall charger or plug it in your car power outlet. 

You might want to get this adaptor nozzle set too to make above electrical pump work with most kite brands. 

Manual Pump - if you are on a budget

Budget double action pump. Works well enough for the very low price tag. Great for travel when you never know if you have to dump it at the airport.

  • Four universal valve fittings are included
  • Accordion-style hose stretches to 5 ft. long
  • Volume is 2 liters / stroke
  • Peak pressure is 14 psi
  • Continuously pumps air on both the push down and pull up of the handle for fast inflating

Wetsuit Repair Tape

Wetsuit Repair Iron-On Seam Sealing Tape 1 Inch x 65.6 Ft Seam Sealing Patch Waterproof for Neoprene Wetsuit. Worked pretty well for an iron on tape. Make sure you clean it well with alcohol and use a sheet of paper between iron and wetsuit. Take your time heating the tape until you see glue lines all around the tape. It held in some spots and started to come off in others after a couple of sessions. I have tried to re-apply it with the iron, but found that simply gluing it down with Aquaseal or Aleene’s Fabric Glue worked well. Only use glue if your iron on efforts fail. If you have neoprene missing, then the Aquaseal Neo will work better to mend the gap. You can put the tape over it after you mend it.