Chapin Beach

Cape Cod
Beach info
Tidal flats can extend out a mile in parts at low tide. When the tide comes in/goes out there is a few hours where there is very shallow smooth water. Waves can be found outside the farthest sandbar. At high tide, there is not much room to launch and watch out for some large rocks near the beach.
There are lifeguards at Chapin beach in the summer. Because there are not many days in the summer with North wind, people do not kite here often in the season.  But if you do kite there while lifeguards are present (summertime), please do not rig up close to them. This also applies if you get there before the lifeguards arrive… If you do, so will everyone else.  Please do not set up around the lifeguard towers.  Be careful and stay away from beachgoers.
Launch information
Do not set your kite up or run your lines out where 4WD trucks can enter/leave the beach (left side). There is usually a rope fence that is up that you need to stay on the water-side of. There is not much room at high tide on the beach. At low tide, best to pump your kite up and walk it out to the edge of the water to set up your lines and launch. Do not rig in front of or around the life guard chair.
Chapin is a great beach to ride any winds from the North. In between tides there is plenty of flat water space to accommodate large numbers (50+) kites. It\’s a great place to learn due to the shallow water, as well as for advanced riders to practice their skills. Outside the last sandbar can produce some decent wind waves, bigger with higher winds. At low tide, the water can recede almost a mile out, so launching at nearby Mayflower Beach may be a better option. Help preserve access at Chapin and follow rules of common sense. Do not rig where the 4x4s drive on the left side, rig closer to the water. Stay away from all restricted Plover areas in the season. This is all to the left. Do not rig in front of the life guard chairs. DO NOT kite in swim zones. EVER. Make sense?
At mid tide, there are some large rocks near the shore & launch area. There are also big areas with many rocks & barnacles near the shore. Watch your feet!
Small municipal lot, with a daily fee in season ($25). 4WD access on the beach for those with permits.
High tide conditions
Choppy, not much beach to launch and land.
Low tide conditions
Mid-to-low tide is best. Low tide you run out of water and have to walk 1.2 mile to get to the water.
Nearby bars/restaurants
Chapins Restaurant/Bar


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