Nantasket Beach

South Shore
Beach info
Nantasket resides on a peninsula that forms the southern edge of Boston Harbor. The city\’s skyline can be clealy seen across the harbor. Situated in the town of Hull, it\’s been a popular summer beach destination for Bostonians since the 1800s. Community band concerts are popular summertime events here.
This state reservation is comprised of 26 acres along 1.33 miles of beachfront property. It is a long, sandy beach with multiple sandbar surfing peaks.The historic Paragon Carousel serves as a memorial to the area\’s well-known amusement park history.
Launch information
High tide there is almost no beach, and not really possible with big swell. try to kite 1-2 hours on either side of high tide, and low tide is great!
No kiting in the Summer while lifeguards are present.
Powerlines close to the beach
Nearby bars/restaurants
Barefoot Bob\’s
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