Yirrell and Winthrop Beaches

Beach info
The Five Sisters kite spot gets it\’s name from the 5 jetties that are just off shore. Its great in Eastern winds, and there are many different types of riding that can be found here, from waves near the shore, other sets farther out from the Sisters, and flat water in the shallows on the inside. Part of the point that sticks out towards the Sisters is very shallow and even above the water line at high tide.
South of the Five Sisters and around the corner is Yirrell Beach.  A crescent shaped sand and pebble beach with a rocky point that sticks out on it\’s north side.  There is always quite a bit of shorepound on the main beach, but big waves come into the point and sometimes they wrap around making nice spaced-out kickers to launch off of.
Launch information
@ Five Sisters There is a sort of peninsula where you can launch from that has sand on the shore and also sections of large rocks above it. @ Yirrell Beach Launch below where the first break in the seawall is where you can walk on the beach. Where the rows of houses start (stay 200 meters from nesting sites). Also, at the end of Bay View Drive, or at the southern most part of the bay near the parking lot & water treatment plant.
Certain areas in the northern section of Yirrell Beach are to be avoided in the Plover season.
During the Plover nesting season, kiters are asked to stay away from the north side of Yirrell Beach, and launch down by the houses, or the south side of the beach. Do not launch or fly your kite any where near the plover nests (200 meters). Including the West side of the pool. There are large plover areas near the Five Sisters at Winthrop beach as well, please do not swoop your kites over them if riding by.
You can park on the Winthrop Shore Drive for free. There is a parking lot on the south side of Yirrell, near towards the Water treatment plant
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