Mk 4.0

Masskiting version 4.0

It’s taken a long time to get here, but here we are: the new Masskiting. We have moved from Drupal to WordPress, which is a HUGE change. We built it on our own (v3.0 we tried to work with a developer, and that didn’t work out so great) so please bear with us as we are still adding to parts of the site. But the important stuff is all here. The scope of this website was a little scaled back from what we wanted in v3.0 but things change and that’s not a bad thing.  Here are some things we’d like to mention or highlight:

  • Everyone will have to re-register
  • NO content was migrated over to the new version… we are starting fresh
  • Private messages are back
  • Feel free to use the @ symbol to tag people in your posts of comments
  • Lots of notifications are available
  • Updates on sections of the site:
    • Beaches section is basically the same
    • MK Videos is there in case you want to remind yourself how fun we can be.
    • Improved profile pages
    • Members section lets you browse members easily.
    • Local Resources will be a mix of the local schools and shops, as well as some pointers if you are new to kiting.
    • Blogs… we decided to replace “session reports” with blogs.  Go ahead and blog about your sessions, share photos, tag friends, etc.

We know GroupMe has become the new forum, and we are not trying to take that over.  But three are some discussions that really should happen in forum settings so future people can go back a reference threads and conversations. Probably our biggest loss was not being able to migrate years of content over to the new site.  But I look forward to starting over fresh, and from time to time we will bring back some important knowledge from the old site in the form of blogs or articles.

So a huge thanks from all of us that have been involved for sticking with us. Another huge thanks to Jared for helping build this site and be our WP guru. It’s so nice to have a site that works again 🙂


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