Wetsuit Repair

Wetsuit Repair Tape

Wetsuit Repair Iron-On Seam Sealing Tape 1 Inch x 65.6 Ft Seam Sealing Patch Waterproof for Neoprene Wetsuit. Worked pretty well for an iron on tape. Make sure you clean it well with alcohol and use a sheet of paper between iron and wetsuit. Take your time heating the tape until you see glue lines all around the tape. It held in some spots and started to come off in others after a couple of sessions. I have tried to re-apply it with the iron, but found that simply gluing it down with Aquaseal or Aleene’s Fabric Glue worked well. Only use glue if your iron on efforts fail. If you have neoprene missing, then the Aquaseal Neo will work better to mend the gap. You can put the tape over it after you mend it. 

Wetsuit Glue

Aquaseal +NEO is a specialized glue for wetsuits. Repair torn or ripped neoprene wetsuits and waders permanently within 30 minutes using this contact cement, which cures to a black, flexible rubber.

Aquaseal +FD can be used as a generic glue for many applications around our kite sport. From gluing on valves to a bladder to repairing rips on the kite, to neck seals on dry suits. Basic small wetsuit repair can be done with it too.