PBay Sunday Funday

Session #4 of 2020

After a day of waves in Newport, Pleasure Bay was still left on and nuking from the crazy winds the day before.  But you had to hit it early.  So starting at 7am, the crew was on the water kiting in 30+ mph typical gusty PBay winds.  I decided to go wind winging first with the 5\’7\” Naish SUP and a 4m Duotone wing.  It got warmer as the day went on, but I still used gloves and the forearm fatigue was pretty insane after half an hour.  I only make maybe 3 tacks and then called it.  But I had some other things in mind…

Twintips!  This April, it will be 3 years where I\’ve basically only foiled or rode the surfboard.  This is the 3rd time I\’ve used the twintip in the past 3 years.  What can I say, I just felt like jumping.  So I used an older 9m GP with 19m lines.  It was fun for sure, but I didn\’t get much height from the jumps with the shorter lines, but the kiteloops felt good.  The two things I miss the most about twintips are backroll/frontroll kiteloops and raleys. I tried a few raleys but my board would just fly off my feet.  I really just need to retire that board and those straps.  But getting some footage of jumping was fun for a while.

So it started to shift west around 11am, by that time I was already out on a foil and a 4.8m Cloud kite.  I was so lit, I should have grabbed the 2.8m.  But I kind of like being lit on the foil lately so it was totally fine.  I feel like I\’m getting more used to getting footage of people while kiting.  The GoPro in my hand and on the foil feels fine and I can swap hands easy enough without it impacting my riding.  All in all, it was a great day.  Most people were gone by 12:30 but I stayed around another hour or so enjoying the 70 degree sunny weather to talk to people, lazily putting all 3 of my setups away, and spending time with Billie in her happy place.  OUR happy place 🙂

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