Wingaersheek sesh

Session #2 of 2020
Wingaersheek… some people LOVE it. It’s a beautiful beach, very picturesque. Coffin Beach is around the corner and Crane is beyond that. One of the only places near Boston where you can kite I’m a NW and it’s not offshore. The problem is that it doesn’t really get direct swell, so the waves usually don’t have a good shape to them. And if there’s swell from the East, you can get cross waves from West with the wind. But my main issue is that they are thicker slabs of water without a lot of vert to them, So they are not really fun to surf with a surfboard.
But I just felt like getting airs, so I took the Modi board and the wind was a pretty decent direction for launching off the waves. I was LIT on an 8m Cloud kite, def blowing mid 30’s to 40’s.
All in all I had a fun day. Good seeing everyone, and the second time I’ve kited Wing in the past year after a long hiatus.

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